What Is It?

Solar photovoltaic (solar pv) cells use light energy from the sun and convert this energy into useable electricity. The solar panels are usually mounted on your roof or can be free standing fixed toA frames or similar.

They work by using the light energy (so do not need the sun); they will work on cloudy or overcast weather conditions and convert the DC electrical current generated by the solar photvoltaic module into mains AC electricity via an inverter. The electricity produced can either be used within the home or commercial premises and any unused or excess electricity can be exported to the National Grid, this is called an export tariff. All electricity generated is metered and this is called a generating tariff.

The rates for generated and export tariffs are different and in the 'tariff' section is a table of the current applicable rates. Once the system has been installed and signed off under the MCS scheme the generated tariff is payable for a period of 20 years subject to inflationary changes. Export tariffs are paid via your local electricity supplier.


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